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I am a seventh generation New Mexican raised here in the Albuquerque area. My love for bikes, like so many of us bikers, came from my father. He started riding in 1931 at the age of 12 on an old used Indian motorcycle that smoked like weed fire but that didn’t stop him. When you visit the store you will see his last motorcycle on our retail floor.

A few years ago my fiancée (Debbie) and I were getting ready to go to an out-of-state rally. She was new to riding so we had to "outfit" her. She wanted to get the right gear, so off we went to do some shopping at our local factory retail stores. She was SHOCKED by the prices (as we all have been at some point in our biker apparel shopping). I suggested that we wait until we got to the rally and check out the vendors and local factory stores which we did. She was BLOWN away at the difference in the pricing that the vendors could offer, as well as lower priced items in the factory store. Long time riders have been through this at sometime or another, but it did open my eyes again. Later that day she said Albuquerque sure could use a reasonably priced biker apparel store. For the next 4 days while we rode the beautiful countryside, all I thought about was that most of my gear was purchased out of town and/or at a rally somewhere in the United States because of limited choices in Albuquerque and New Mexico, and that was JUST WRONG.

So I started my quest to find a way to open a BIKER OUTLET style store here in Albuquerque that would offer GREAT SAVINGS (10 to 30%) to all types of bikers: hardcore, cruisers, and touring riders. After doing lots of research I found Renegade Classics Outlet stores. I visited the original outlet in Fresno, California and many more. Learning that their PHILOSOPHY of business was exactly what we wanted to offer the New Mexico biker community, we got started and here we are today providing you a shopping alternative. We can’t wait to see your face in the place and remember our Two slogans: Finance your bike, not your clothing and...